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Financial Spreadbetting

SpreadBetting.com is the information website for all things Spreadbetting. Whether you are new to financial spreadbetting or more experienced, you will find this website packed with useful information, articles and news to keep you up to date with the world of financial spread betting. We want to help you to trade better and be a successful financial spread better, so help you in two main ways. Firstly, we work with the top spreadbetting exchanges to give you up to date information on offers and deals to ensure you have the best spreads and margins. Secondly, we draft in experts to provide us with market insights, trading strategies and tools to make us a success.


Packet With Great Features

SpreadBetting.com’s new look website is now mobile friendly, this means that you can keep in touch with us and with your spread betting community while you are on the go. We have had great feedback about the site’s new mobile friendliness and we really hope that you will like it too.

How do I Start Trading Stocks?

We have the super new SpreadBetting.com forum which has been set up for you to ask questions, to share and to learn. So if you want to know how to trade stocks,/strong>, to compare the latest offers in the market, or if you should trade gold, turnips or the Dow Jones, simply join up, log in and get communicating.


Beginner, Intermediate or Expert?

Spread Betting Explained

Are you asking yourself what is spread betting? or how to trade stocks? Are you considering opening your first financial spread betting account? Want to know where to go, who to compare or what to look for?

OR, are you further along your spread betting learning curve? Do you consider yourself an expert? Can you explain your strategy clearly? How you use your stop losses to best effect? What affects the markets that you operate in, what patterns you look out for? Never forget, there is always more to learn.

No matter how well we are doing, or much better we want to do, there is no magic fix in spread betting. That’s why at SpreadBetting.com we’ve got spread betting explained – we provide news, articles and expert commentary as well as access to our forum, so you can Trade more effectively.