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How to get started with spreadbetting

To begin spread betting you will need to follow the next three general steps with most spread betting providers. Click here for a list of providers if you are not sure which company is best for you. (http://www.spreadbetting.com/compare-and-trade)

Step 1: Open a spread betting account


  • You need to open an account with us in order to start trading. The application processes are generally straight forward.
  • Spread betting companies offer a secure online application form which can be filled out at any time.
  • As the spread betting companies are financial providers, you may be required to submit additional supporting documentation if your account is not automatically verified.
  • Once they have successfully completed the verification process, you will get your account details confirming your account is open.
  • Then you can log in to your spread betting account.


Step 2: Fund your account


  • Once you have your open spread betting account, you will need to transfer funds into your account, so that you can start to trade.
  • Most spread betting providers allow a variety of options for money transfer including Bitcoin.
  • Check what the minimum initial deposit is, and also if there are any special offers available for opening a new account. Sometimes, you can get your deposit matched or an extra sum from the spread betting provider. Click here for the spread betting companies offering special new customer offers. (http://www.spreadbetting.com/special-offers)


Step 3: Start spread betting


  • You are now ready to trade on your spread betting account.
  • You have access to a wealth of information from your spread betting company, such as live price feeds, streaming charts and news.


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